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- Posted on 23 Mar 2015

Our Vision: Ending Inequality

In January 2015, UUCB members elected a vision for our church, aligned with the UUA’s Congregational Study/Action Issue “Escalating Inequality.” A task force of UUCB members has been studying, planning, and collecting congregational advice to lay the groundwork for action that will advance our vision. Click here to learn more and to sign up to work toward Ending Inequality.”

Who We Are

We are a loving, supportive community who encourage the exploration of individual and shared spiritual beliefs. We strive to live the Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles, which hold us together as a faith.

And we welcome all people, regardless of religious background, race, gender, sexual orientation or political leaning.

Peace be with you.

October Services

Regular Sunday services are at 10 am.

Oct 4: “Ending Inequality: Fantasy or Necessity?” The End Inequality task force will highlight our UUCB vision of ending inequality, share facts and stories about the troubling level of inequality in our world (income, shelter, race, medical, education etc), outline the obstacles to be overcome, reasons for hope and to inspire folks to get involved in guided focus groups through next April as we pursue our process of study and dialogue. Music by award-winning singer-songwriter Lisa Redfern.

Oct 11: “It Really Is Your Choice.” Guest preacher, Al Boyce. Al has come to the conclusion that so much of life experience is all about perspective. How we see ourselves in this world of possibility and fear has much to do with our individual perspective on life. Al's sermon will expand on this thought. Music by Derek Herzer.

Oct 18: “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” - Aldous Huxley. Heidi Neufeld, worship leader. Music speaks directly to the emotions, often bypassing the brain. In this service the choir will explore a variety of emotions and sing pieces that speak directly to the soul. Music by Derek Herzer.

Oct 25: “Mindful Change.” Changing seasons, changing circumstances, changing lives: annoying if not disabling! How do we cope? Grace Lewis-McLaren will share her thoughts with us. Music by Derek Herzer.

"Our mission is to be a spiritual community, to welcome all, to nurture one another, to work for justice, and to care for the earth."

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UUCB Concerts for a Cause

Proceeds from all UUCB Concerts will benefit church programming and area non-profits

Folk Concert by Bill Staines

Saturday, 9/26/15 7:30 pm
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Jesse Feinberg Concert

Sunday, 10/24/15 3:00 pm
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A Night with Ellis Paul

Saturday, 3/12/16 7:30 pm
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Maine Gay Men’s Chorus

Sunday, 5/15/16 3 pm
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Please Check Your Local Television Station: We hate to cancel to cancel services or activities ever, but sometimes it's the wisest thing to do. When we do, we will alert Channels 6, 8, and 13. Please watch for announcements.