Our mission is to be a spiritual community, to welcome all,
to nurture one another, to work for justice,
and to care for the earth.

Who We Are

We are a loving, supportive community who encourage the exploration of individual and shared spiritual beliefs. We strive to live the Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles, which hold us together as a faith.

And we welcome all people, regardless of religious background, race, gender, sexual orientation or political leaning.

Peace be with you.

Congregational Covenant

Congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick
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Parish Messenger

The church's newsletter is sent to all members and friends.
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Our Vision: Ending Inequality

In January 2015, UUCB members elected a vision for our church, aligned with the UUA’s Congregational Study/Action Issue “Escalating Inequality.” A task force of UUCB members has been studying, planning, and collecting congregational advice to lay the groundwork for action that will advance our vision.”
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Upcoming Services

August 7: "Perception” Curt Neufeld
How limited our senses are when it comes to really 'seeing' people. The reflection will touch on our perceptions of others in our community and world at large, and what would be different if we could see be-neath the surface and sense how we all have similar wants, desires, and wounds that have shaped our lives. Hymn accompaniment by Jean Lay. Also Women Singers accompanied by Jim McLaughlin on guitar.

August 14: “Life—Living, Dying, Reverence” Lynn Ellis
Let's explore how we are living life. Are we living life to the fullest? What mysteries come as we face the end of our lives? Are we practicing reverence for all living things? Lynn Ellis, a member of UUCB and co-chair of Working for Justice, will lead us through these questions from her experience as a person who mindfully embraces life and as a former hospice social worker. Lynn is also an advocate for peace and respect for all living beings . Music by Louise Gephart.

August 21: “Ticks and Brown Tail Moths” Rev. Sylvia Stocker
In her first service after returning from sabbatical, Sylvia considers how to face life's challenges. Music by Grace Lewis-McLaren.

August 28: “Comfort” Rev. Sylvia Stocker
In our world, we have instant access to horrible news – news that we can watch unfold over and over again. Where do we find comfort in an age of trauma? Music by Matt Lasoogian.

Site Features

Minister's Corner

The thoughts and writings of
the Rev. Sylvia Stocker
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Religious Education

Classes providing children with the opportunity to explore
their own feelings and beliefs.
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Parish Messenger

Newsletter featuring upcoming events,
news and essays.
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UUCB Concerts for a Cause

Proceeds from all UUCB Concerts will benefit church programming and area non-profits

State Street Traditional Jazz Band

Saturday, 9/24/16 - 7:30 pm
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Emma’s Revolution

Saturday, 10/22/16 - 7:30 pm
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Saturday, 3/11/ 17 - 7:30 pm
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Women in Harmony

Saturday, 4/8/17 - 7:30 pm
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Jud Caswell

Saturday, 6/10/17 - 7:30 pm
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Please Check Your Local Television Station: We hate to cancel to cancel services or activities ever, but sometimes it's the wisest thing to do. When we do, we will alert Channels 6, 8, and 13. Please watch for announcements.