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Kids Exploring Religious Education (RE) classes provide children and youth with the opportunity to explore their own feelings and beliefs, and to learn about many diverse people and their beliefs.

RE Sunday Schedule

RE Registration Form 2017-18

PATHWAYS: A Handbook for UUCB Families


UUCB Religious Education Program Goals

  • Encourage a Positive Sense of Community

    • Each child is an important and appreciated participant of their Sunday morning group.
    • Each child is an important and appreciated participant of the larger youth community in our congregation.
    • Each child is an important and appreciated participant in our congregation.
  • Encourage Health and Sense of Self

    • Encourage children to express themselves and their opinions in appropriate and constructive ways.
    • Encourage children to explore what makes them unique and what they have in common with others.
    • Encourage children to develop a strong ethical framework and to learn how to act in accordance with their values.
  • Practice Critical Thinking

    • Foster an environment of exploration and questioning.
    • Explore the mysteries of life and learn to ask the big questions and critically examine the answers.
    • Encourage children to think for themselves.
  • Become Knowledgeable about Unitarian Universalism and Comfortable in their UU Identity

    • Provide information about the tenets of Unitarian Universalism and our seven principles.
    • Provide information about the origins of Unitarian Universalism.
    • Provide information about the programs and activities of our denomination at the district and national level.
  • Improve Religious Literacy

    • Provide information about our denomination’s Judeo-Christian heritage including history, beliefs, holidays, and holy texts.
    • Provide information about other World Religions including history, beliefs, holidays and holy texts.
    • Experience worship rituals that are similar to and different from our own rituals.
  • Experience Meaningful Worship and Ritual

    • Provide opportunities to experience worship, spiritual practice and other creative expressions including art, music and dance.
    • Involve in the regular rituals of our congregation including participating in our regular service.
    • Participate in service projects that help others.
more crafts Children in Pre-K through grade 6 begin most Sundays as service participants in the sanctuary for our 10am service. They then proceed with their teachers and leaders to their respective RE classes at about 10:15. Nursery care is available from the start of the service in the Tiny Beginnings Room located next to the sanctuary for all children under 4 years of age. All children must be picked up from their classrooms at 11:15. During the summer RE Classes are not held. The Nursery is open and available for parents' use, but not staffed.

A Religious Education prospectus detailing our curricula and programs for all ages and registration information are available at any time by contacting the church office. Our Director of Religious Education (DRE) is Nicole Shanks. Nicole has a strong background in youth education and programming, including two years as Director of Lifespan Religious Education at the UU Church in Bangor.

Programs for Youth

kids on retreatThe UUCB is currently offering youth group for 7-12th graders. Youth group meetings primarily take place on Sunday mornings during the worship service (please click on the Sunday calendar above to see the dates that Sunday youth group is offered). This is an open group meaning that new attendees are always welcome and regular participants are invited to bring along friends. On Sundays that have no youth programs scheduled, youth are invited to attend the worship service or to contact the Director of Religious Education to be placed on a list to be scheduled to work in the nursery, volunteer in the AV room, or assist a RE class/activity. Evo Rock Collage

New Family Welcoming Session

hymn togetherWe invite families just discovering Unitarian Universalism to join us for several weeks to decide if our Church and Religious Education program is right for you. You are welcome to “sit in: on your child’s class and to talk with their teachers and the Director of Religious Education at any time. Fellow parents are also a good resource for learning more about Unitarian Universalism religious education at any time.

New families are invited to meet with the Director of Religious Education at any time during the year for a tour of our facilities and/or a get-acquainted chat, either at the church or at their home. Newcomer orientations are offered by the minister several times a year.