The by-laws require a committee of elected members nominate individuals for other elected positions. The Nominating Committee finds candidates who will provide strong, stable leadership for the church, and nominates individuals willing to lead without pushing any personal agenda into the process. Given the bylaw stipulation that officers be elected from the Board of Trustees, nominating trustees with the qualifications to serve as officers is a priority in the search for prospective nominees.


The Nominating Committee is charged with nominating candidates for openings for all elected positions as provided for in the bylaws: Trustees, Officers, Moderator, Nominating Committee and Council Facilitator.

The Nominating Committee determines expected openings from expiring terms or resignations, and then recommends potential candidates for open leadership positions. Committee members then approach the suggested individuals to discuss the responsibilities and to determine the best fit for the positions. The Committee presents the slate of candidates to the congregation for consideration at the annual business meeting.


The immediate past Board Chair or another former trustee appointed by the Board


The Nominating Committee consists of five members: the Chair (see above)  who shall serve as committee chair, and four additional members elected by the Congregation. Members serve two year terms, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Meeting schedule

The committee meets on an as needed basis.

Primary Liaison Committees

Board of Trustees, Church Council, Minister, Personnel Committee