The Membership Committee coordinates all issues related to membership.


The Membership Committee supports the life and growth of the UUCB congregation through Sunday services, events for new friends and members, and additional activities that foster integration and relationships. The Committee does this by:

  1. Staffing the visitor’s table during all Sunday services.
  2. Creating name tags for all visitors who request one.
  3. Organizing a “Newcomers Chat” at least once each month.
  4. Conducting two “You and UU” classes during the church year.
  5. Keeping track of the number of members at UUCB and reporting those numbers to the UUA.
  6. Providing membership numbers to the Pledge Drive Committee.
  7. Generating more knowledge and use of the UUCB’s “Directory of Members and Friends”.
  8. Writing a monthly column in the Parish Messenger newsletter.
  9. Meeting with newcomers who express an interest in becoming better connected and more involved in the life of the church.
  10. Identifying and checking in with members and friends not seen recently.

Committee Chair/Convener

Determined by the committee

Meeting Schedule


Primary Liaison Committees

Worship Committee, Minister, Pastoral Care Committee, RE Committee