The Finance Committee manages the church’s financial resources.

Finance Committee Charge

The Finance Committee works with all committees of the congregation to develop a budget, which is referred to the UUCB board and voted on by the membership. The budget is based on the congregation’s chosen vision and mission and the church expenses.

In addition to developing a budget, the committee monitors the congregation’s income, expenses, and pledge payments, and it makes regular reports to the Board of Trustees and the congregation.

The Finance Committee arranges for an annual audit or review of the financial records. The Finance Committee may also take responsibility for securing property and liability insurance for congregation facilities. It may also assist the Pledge Drive Committee, and other fundraising efforts, such as outside rental of the congregation’s facilities.


Treasurer on the Board of Trustees (or may be determined by the committee)

Meeting Schedule


Primary liaison committees

Board of Trustees, all committees that have a budget.