Oversee the business affairs of the Church


The Board of Trustees receives and responds to reports of the Minister, Director of Religious Education, Treasurer, Church Council, and committees. They oversee the business affairs of the church, establish and administer policies that advance the mission and purpose of the church and the work of its committees, create standing and ad hoc committees as required, and inform the congregation about Board activity and decisions in a timely manner. For further elaboration of duties see the UUCB bylaws.


Trustees must have been members of the congregation for one year before election. Trustees serve three year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. Trustees may be re-elected after vacating the office for two years. Officers of the Board of Trustees include Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk and Treasurer.


Board Chair, as elected by the congregation.

Meeting Schedule


Other Liaison

All other UUCB committees, Minister, church staff.