In January 2015, UUCB members selected a vision for our church – ending inequality — that aligns with the UUA’s Congregational Study/Action Issue “Escalating Inequality.”  Our vision now motivates UUCB members to study inequality and to see what we might do to help end inequality.

Study Groups:

Study Groups on specific topics of inequality were formed in late 2015. The following topics are now being studied:

  • Healthcare
  • Income Inequality
  • Shelter, Food, Clothing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education

To join a Study Group or to talk with someone about a Study Group’s work, contact one of the facilitators from the list below:

Income Inequality:

Betsy Williams  844-8926
Charlie Evans 406-4417
Steve Eagles  737-8023
PowerPoint Presentation


Bill Clark  443-1256
Susan Thorner 373-1766
PowerPoint Presentation


Jim Spicer  475-7401
Kate Gray   666-5750
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Shelter, Food, Clothing

Cindy Parker  207-462-1198
Valerie Heath  729-9254
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Glenn Williams 978-518-2778
Ted Berrett   208-7393
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Study Group Expectations:

Each Study Group began discussions with a shared list of questions and is now meeting at least monthly. In May of 2016, each group will share a summary of their processes, knowledge, and experiences at a time and place TBD. As they summarize their efforts, Study Groups may also recommend actions that they believe the congregation could take to help relieve inequality.